Coconut-Lime Paletas


Craving something light and refreshing?  Paletas are a good way to go.  A cold, icy treat to help stave off the heat.  Now paletas come in several different flavors (such as Pepino con Chile and Vegan Almond Chocolate) and the possibilities are endless.  However, when refreshing is what you want coconut water with fresh lime is the way to go.  Lime offers this great punch of acidity and flavor while coconut water counters it with a touch of sweetness.  Not to mention, coconut water can be hydrating.  Ohhhh yummy.

This recipe, if it can even be called a recipe, is simple to make.  It takes literally two minutes to mix together and a few hours of freezer time.  Talk about easy.


– 1 1/2 -2 cups of coconut water;

-3 limes;

–  2 healthy pinches of sea salt;

– sweetener of choice (optional)*


Pour coconut water (amount of liquid depends on the size of the popsicle molds being used) and the juice of 2 limes into a cup or bowl.  Add salt and sweetener if using.


Slice the remaining lime in thin slices.  Drop lime slices into mold, then add liquid.

in mold

Pop into the freezer until set.  And done.

*Any sweetener will do.  If using sugar make sure to dissolve in a couple tablespoons of warm water before adding to the coconut water mix.

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