Iced Cajeta Coffee


It is iced coffee season.  Yes it is.  What a better way to celebrate then to prepare a special iced coffee treat.  This special treat includes lots of classic flavors.  Cajeta, a decadent goat’s milk caramel, is added to warm coffee.  Cocoa powder gets thrown in the mix because who says you can’t have caramel and chocolate together?  Yum.  The end result: A creamy, chocolaty, sweet, velvety iced coffee.  What a great way to sit back and relax.


– 6 oz. extra strong coffee (use twice as much coffee as you regularly would);
-1-2 teaspoons of cocoa powder;
-1 tablespoon of cajeta;
-cream or milk of choice;
-cubed or crushed ice


Brew really strong coffee.  Any method works, even instant coffee will do.  While still warm mix coffee, cocoa powder and cajeta.

just coffeeStir well making sure the cajeta does not stick to the bottom.  Cram as much ice as possible into a tall glass.  Gently pour coffee mixture over ice.  Add cream or milk and stir.

before cajeta

Garnish with a swirl of cajeta, if desired.  Sip the worries of the day away.

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