Sonoran Hot Dogs


The novelty of the Sonoran-style hot dogs is the bacon.  Oh and the toppings.  The creativity that goes into the toppings is amazing.  You can go as basic as ketchup, mustard, relish or venture into guacamole, beans, grilled onions, mayo and pickled jalapenos.  Pick and choose and see what you like.

So legend has it the Sonoran hot dog was invented to help banish those late-night munchies associated with a great night out.  Vendors would line up the streets with mobilized griddles and cook up loads of bacon-wrapped hot dogs and grilled onions.  Hmmm.

The good news is it is easy to turn this classic, late-night meal vegetarian.  All you have to do is swap out the bacon and hot dogs for their veggie friendly counterparts.  As for toppings I went a little traditional, a little not-so-traditional-but-still-great route and opted for ketchup, whole-grain mustard, pinto beans and a little yogurt instead of the mayo (I think yogurt gives it a little more zip).  Pretty easy to make these bad boys.


– 8 vegetarian or vegan hot dogs;
– 8-16 strips of vegetarian or vegan bacon;
– 8 hot dog buns (I used whole-wheat buns-yum);
-1 cup of pinto beans (for a more smoky flavor use charro beans);
– ketchup;
-mayonnaise or yogurt;


Wrap one to two strips of bacon around each hot dog (depending on the size of the hot dog and the length of the bacon you may need two strips to completely wrap the hot dog).  Secure with toothpick.


Coat a cast iron skillet or griddle with a thin layer of oil.  Heat on medium-high heat and place hot dogs on the surface making sure to turn in order to heat evenly on all sides.  If desired toss buns on there as well. Meanwhile, in a saucepan heat beans until warmed through.


Once bacon wrapped hot dogs are golden brown on all sides remove from heat and place inside buns (needless to say remove the toothpicks before placing in bun).

in bun

Top with beans, ketchup, mustard and mayo or yogurt.

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