Ensalada de Quinoa


Quinoa is a staple in South American cooking-and for good reason.  It is chock full of protein, fiber and minerals.  It tastes delicious and is quick cooking.  I’m a quinoa fanatic.

So it is time that time of year for most to start making easy, fresh, satisfying dishes.  For this recipe I decided to incorporate fresh veggies to kick up the yum factor.  Some onion for crunch, red bell pepper for sweetness, green olives for that great briny taste and some fresh mango to really give it a kick.  Lots of good flavors combined into one nutritious and tasty salad.  I’m in.


– 1 cup of quinoa, dry and rinsed;
– 2 cups of water;
– ½ red bell pepper, diced;
– ¼ white or red onion, diced;
– ½ cup of chopped green olives;
– ½ cup of diced mangoes (about half a medium sized mango);
-juice of half a lemon;
– ¼ cup of vinegar (apple cider works best but rice vinegar will do as well);


Place quinoa and water in a medium-sized saucepan.  Cook according to package directions.

cooked quinoa

Meanwhile whisk together oil, lemon, vinegar, salt and pepper.  Set aside.  Toss quinoa with onion, red pepper and olives.

everything in

Pour vinaigrette over quinoa and mix thoroughly.  Let cool for a few hours or overnight.  Before serving add mangoes to the salad.  Taste and adjust seasonings if needed.

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